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About Us

Our products are incredibly simple.  All natural and organic.  The way God made it!

Why Buy Nekked?

Because you care about the food your family eats.

Don't compromise!  Red cares what his family eats and he is sharing it with you!

Special Events

Red will be posting his goings on here, so stay tuned!

The Goodness of Nature

We refuse to compromise on quality in our products.  We use natural wood when we smoke, and we source all of our salts, herbs, and spices from companies that feel the same.  Lets get back to God's food and leave the frankenfood for the funky folks!


Everytown Gazette

"Restaurant's warm apple pie is TO DIE FOR! They definitely earned their spot on last year's 'Top Spots in Anytown, USA'!"

Anytown Paper

"I couldn't believe the wait to be seated here, but after tasting their seared Ahi tuna, I get the wait!"

Local Eats

"The chef knows their way around pasta; one of the best food spots in Anytown, USA."